Cloud-based translation management systems

In recent years, cloud-based translation systems have been adopted by many translation agencies to allow their linguistis to work on a shared online platform without worrying of installing applications, spending money on expensive software, etc. Does it really work and is it really worth?


  • no application to install;
  • up-to-date translation software;
  • possibility to translate on any device/processor (Mac, smartphones, etc.);
  • allow an easier collaboration and sharing of data with other linguists;
  • low cost solution;
  • include  workflow, project management, and portal functions typical of translation desktop systems;
  • some available for free or for a small fee (no need to invest a big sum of money, especially for fresh-graduated translation students who want to familiarise with translation technology environment).

I consider these cloud-based systems to be extremly useful, although some there might be some drawbacks, like for istance:

  •  privacy issues (is it really safe to upload your own TM and/or TB online, even if you have the option of keep it private);
  • require constant internt connection (seems impossible nowadays, but you might happen without it for many reasons). Only some cloud-based systems may offer and offline editor too.

Here is a list of some cloud-based systems:

  1. Wordbee
  2. Lingotek
  3. Wordfast Anywhere
  4. Google Translator Toolkit
  5. MemSource
  6. Transifex

I advice to have a look at the following article by Uwe Muegge available at to gain some more knowledge.

Check the blog later on to futher infos on this topic!







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